NOXU Music Group is one of the most innovative and creative independent record labels. NOXU Music Group and all of its brands and concepts are started by musical entrepreneurs for musical entrepreneurs . We are a music Publishing company providing users with the most upfront music. Submit your demo to get listen by one of our A&R Managers.

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Artist Development

We help artist to create their total brand. Help them to grow their audience and stay true to their self and their creativity. 

Promotion & Marketing

Creating exposure for your music is all that counts to grow your audience. We help you to create the right exposure for your music.


If your music is being sold or played, chances are there are royalties that you are not collecting. This can quickly become a complicated task, we are here to help!


NOXU Music Groups supplies your music to more than 250 different digital stores. We also cater to a unique assortment of local stores ranging from China to Africa.

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Kanye’s 7 Sane ‘Guidelines’ for Fairer Recording and Publishing Deals

In the last couple of weeks Kanye West is using his twitter platform to talk about how he is trying to get control of all of his recording and publishing rights back. As part of his very public campaign, West came with a eight-part description of what he sees as fair record and publishing deals. 1. The artist owns the copyright in the recordings and songs

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Insider Knowledge, Facebook Loves Music Event

Pssttt… Don’t tell anyone, but we have all the inside secrets from Facebook themselves. Last month we attended the Facebook Loves Music event at the Facebook headquarters in London. A premiere event that we couldn’t turn down and we hope there will be many more

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NEW DSP: iHeartRadio

From the beginning of August, NOXU Music Group joins hands with iHeartRadio. iHeartRadio is a US-based internet radio and subscription streaming service. It is available across 90+ device platforms including online, and via automobiles, gaming consoles, home audio, mobile smartphones and tablets, and TVs. iHeartRadio’s

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Successful Social Media Strategy

The secrets to a successful social media strategy as a DJ and Producer Some people love social media and other people don’t – we get it, really we do! However, musical talent alone just doesn’t cut it these days. You also need to be a

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DJ Contract Tips: What Every Contract Should Have

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]In this two-part series, we’re discussing why it’s important to have quality documents for running a high volume of mobile DJ events. Even if your bread and butter are club gigs, anything you can do to better organize your backend for more involved mobile events

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6 tips to get your demo submissions heard

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text] Step 1 – Choosing your Tracks Select music you are 100% happy with. Get some close friends to give a listen to your tracks and keep the best ones. Focus on sending the tracks that you are most proud of. Record labels do

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