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Naut Huisken Mastering Engineer NOXU Music Group

get your music ready for the big stage.

Is your music sounding bright, warm and clear? If it’s missing that sparkle or punch, then mastering is what you need. It’s the final step in getting your music ready for release.

With over 10 years of experience, I will help to create a high-quality sounding master. With my knowledge of the electronic music industry, I will ensure your song sounds as good as the chart-hitting song of the moment.

With my deep understanding of electronic music, I will work with all the passion I have and a complete understanding of your song to reach its full potential.

– Naud Huisken​, Mix and Mastering Engineer


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  • We offer high-quality mix downs with premium plugins and hardware. We also have the capability to mix or master with analog gear. We work together with the biggest shared marketplace for analog gear The Audio Hunt. So if you have a request for using a particular EQ of Compressor on your production we can accommodate almost 9 out of the 10 times the piece of gear you are looking for.


  • High-end mastering sessions with years of hands on experiences. In our studio’s we are always looking to improve your music and work hand in hand with the artist to uphold the needs and wishes you have. We also master with the newest regulations Spotify and iTunes uphold

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What people say?

I've been using the stereo mastering service couple of times and the result is always detailed, balanced and loud but still very transparent. The files were very neatly and quick time done. I'll try the mixing service in the future 🙂
Nils de Jong
DJ & Producer
I don't know how you guys do it. So loud and clear. Also, the brightness got such a nice High-end fidelity. The songs also sound really good in the clubs and on your phone speakers. Naud knows what he does!
Adam Oakland
Label Manager


Most frequent questions and answers

  • Make a reference mix
  • Bypass all plugins that are not intendant for sound shaping such as: EQ and Compression
  • Export each channel individually using the same export settings as the samples you are using. For example, if you are using 24bit samples, export in 24bit. Be sure to leave dithering and normalization off during export. Make sure to export your file as a .WAV or .AIFF.
  • Label your tracks so that we can start quickly!
  • Put them into a .ZIP or .RAR file and upload them to us after you purchased the service.
  • Single & EP typical return is within 3-5 Working Days (Mon-Fri).
  • Albums can take up to 7 Working Days (Mon-Fri).
  • Make the best mix of your song you’ve ever made. Think about the details en let them spark.
  • Completely remove any plugin from your masterchain
  • Make sure your master channel does not clip or turns into the red.  We prefer a file of -6db
  • Export your file as a .WAV or .AIFF

DEFINITELY NOT. Normalizing functions in computer programs actually degenerate the quality of the audio signal. If you feel you need to run a compressor on the mix buss but are unsure, do a version with it but also do another mix without it. Listen to compression switched in and out but compared at equal levels. It’s possible you may slam it too hard, or the attack or release may not be quite right. It’s very difficult to repair that kind of damage to your audio files. (Have you ever tried to repair a fractured pain of glass?) By having versions of your mixes unprocessed, we can avoid such problems. There’s no harm in sending two versions.