TikTok Artist Certification: A Guide to Special Features and Tools

TikTok Artist Certification: A Guide to Special Features and Tools

TikTok has introduced Artist Certification in 18 territories, providing musicians with a streamlined way to identify themselves on the platform. This certification comes with access to exclusive promotional features and tools, enhancing the overall experience for artists. Notably, the certification is currently available in specific territories, and feature availability may vary depending on the region.

Available Territories

GB (United Kingdom), IE (Ireland), DE (Germany), JP (Japan), KR (South Korea), ANZ (Australia and New Zealand), US (United States), CA (Canada), FR(France), IT (Italy), ES (Spain), BR (Brazil), MX (Mexico), CO (Colombia), TR(Turkey), NG (Nigeria), LB (Lebanon), ZA (South Africa)

Activation Instructions

Artists can obtain certification directly through the TikTok app on their mobile devices by following the link here. During the application process, it is necessary to enter your artist name and locate your profile, followed by verifying the account with screenshots from an existing artist profile on a streaming or distribution platform. The requirements are listed on the relevant page (See the mobile images below).

Important – This process is not compatible with desktop devices. The approval process typically takes around 7-10 days.

TikTok Artist Certification 3

The Music Tab

The TikTok Music Tab, identifiable by the music symbol, is a key feature for certified artists. It serves as a centralised space displaying all of an artist’s official TikTok sounds. To be eligible for this feature, artists must be certified and have delivered three tracks to TikTok through the supply chain. The Music Tab allows artists to showcase their latest releases prominently by pinning them to the top of the tab.

TikTok Artist Certification 2

“By Artist” Feature

With the “By Artist” feature, artists can pin their own videos or a video of their choice in the first or second slot on the music detail page. This adds a personalised touch to their profile and allows for strategic content placement.

TikTok Artist Certification 1

New Release and Artist Tags

The ‘Artist’ tag is automatically applied to a profile when the ‘Artist Account’ status is active. This means the artist is certified, has the Music Tab enabled, and has delivered three or more tracks to TikTok through the supply chain. The tag ensures easy identification for users and potential new fans.

The ‘New Release’ tag is a dynamic feature designed to highlight and promote an artist’s new music. Videos containing their most recent release will display a ‘New’ tag. This tag also appears on the music detail page for the artist’s latest release and other releases.