Spotify Adds Ability to Exclude Playlists from Your ‘Taste Profile’

Spotify Adds Ability to Exclude Playlists from Your 'Taste Profile'

Spotify Adds Ability to Exclude Playlists from Your ‘Taste Profile’

Spotify is giving its users more control over their music recommendations with the introduction of a new feature that allows them to exclude certain playlists from their Taste Profile. This means that sleep playlists, kids’ nursery rhymes, and more won’t be influencing their actual music preferences.

“We understand why you might not want kids’ music popping up in your Blend playlists or white noise dominating your Discovery Weekly,” Spotify said in a statement. Now, users can easily exclude playlists from their personalised recommendations with just the touch of a button.

Spotify’s Taste Profile is generated based on all of its users’ listening habits. That’s why if you enjoy ’80s New Wave music, your top songs and Daily Mixes will reflect that. With this new feature, users can make sure that their sleep playlists and other audio clips don’t interfere with their actual music preferences.

The feature is now available to users on the web, desktop, iOS, and Android apps. To exclude a playlist, users need to select the playlist they want to exclude, tap the three dots near the top of the playlist, and then tap ‘Exclude from your Taste Profile’. And if they decide later on that they want to re-include a playlist, they can do so with the same steps.

Spotify now has 489 million active users, so features like this are a welcome addition to the music listening experience. It’s a relief that Spotify is finally introducing features that have been needed for a while now, especially considering the company recently reported 200 million Spotify Premium subscribers for the first time—adding 10 million new subscribers in the last quarter alone.

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