Get Creative and Boost Engagement with Spotify Promo Cards

Get Creative and Boost Engagement with Spotify Promo Cards

Spotify for Artists users can access a unique promotion tools called Promo Cards.

These are easily customisable graphics that you can create to share with fans to promote an artist, their songs, their album, or when they’ve been featured on some of the most popular playlists on Spotify. They’re a great way to thank your fans for following you and encouraging others to do the same, while showcasing your achievements in a brand new format!

Simply go to the Promo Cards homepage and click, Get Started

Promo Card Features

Milestone Cards

Artist Follower Milestones: Matching the milestone notifications you receive in Spotify for Artists, artists can now create milestone cards for reaching 1k, 5k, 10k, 25k, 50k, 100k, 500k, 1M, 2M, 5M, 10M, 20M, 25M, 50M, and 100M followers on Spotify.

Charts Milestones: Artists can create Promo Cards when their track hits the top 50 in the Top Global Weekly Songs chart. The Cards feature the track artwork and the chart position, so you can reflect on the achievement.

Stream Milestones: Similar to follower milestones, artists can create promo cards when their music hits an exciting number of listens.

Editorial Playlist Adds: Promo cards can be used to highlight playlist adds for your music, which showcases your artwork and the total number of streams for that collection.

If you share on Twitter, tag @SpotifyCharts, so they can celebrate with you.

Share Icon

You’ll see a share icon on both your song and release pages for creating stream milestone promotional cards.

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What are Promo Cards?

Think of them as social media-friendly announcements for all things you. Promo Cards can be tailored to:

  • Showcase your artist profile: Gain new followers by highlighting your profile with a cool graphic.
  • Promote your songs and albums: Create buzz for your latest releases with eye-catching visuals.
  • Celebrate playlist placements: Showcased on a popular playlist like New Music Friday? Make a Promo Card to brag (but in a good way)!
  • Hit a follower milestone? There’s a Promo Card for that, too! From 1,000 to 100 million followers, Spotify has you covered.

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Key Features:

  • Milestone Cards: Track your progress and celebrate follower milestones, chart positions, and streaming wins with unique graphics.
  • Editorial Playlist Adds: Got featured on a killer playlist? Create a Promo Card to show it off and potentially attract new listeners. (Psst, tag @SpotifyCharts on Twitter if you share!)
  • Easy Sharing: Find the share icon on your song and release pages to create stream milestone Promo Cards. You can even do this for eligible playlists on desktop!
  • New Release Badge: Fresh out the oven (or studio)? There’s a special badge on new Promo Cards to let fans know they’re celebrating your latest tracks, albums, or podcasts.
  • Multilingual Support: Create Promo Cards in over 10 languages, including English, Spanish, French, and Korean.

Taking it a Step Further:

  • Deep Linking: Coordinate with your team by sharing Promo Card creation links. This saves everyone time searching for the specific content.
  • Seamless Sharing: Every Promo Card you create comes with a custom URL that links directly to your music on Spotify, making it super easy for fans to discover your sound.

Ready to Get Started?

Head over to the Spotify Promo Cards homepage and unleash your creativity! With a little effort, you can design eye-catching visuals that boost engagement and help you connect with more fans on Spotify.