Leveraging TikTok Artist Accounts to Grow Your Music Career

TikTok has become a powerful platform for musicians to connect with new fans and break through the noise. The social video app recently introduced Artist Accounts, giving music creators free tools to maximize discovery and promotion on TikTok.

What are TikTok Artist Accounts?

Artist Accounts serve as a digital hub for music on TikTok. Any artist or band that has released music can sign up. According to TikTok, the accounts allow fans to:

Benefits of TikTok Artist Accounts

Artists gain access to a suite of features designed to boost discovery, promotion, and fan engagement. Some of the top tools include:

Artist Tag

Identify yourself as a musician on TikTok. Get the verified tag by uploading at least 4 songs. This lets fans easily find artists on the platform.

Boost Your Music Career With TikTok Artist Accounts2

New Release Feature

Highlight a new single, album or remix for up to 14 days before and 30 days after its release date. Get placement on music discovery pages to amplify awareness.

Boost Your Music Career With TikTok Artist Accounts3

Music Tab

Curate your entire catalog in one centralized hub. Keep fans up to date as you automatically add new music releases.

Boost Your Music Career With TikTok Artist Accounts4

Pin a Post

Pin a favourite video, like one promoting an upcoming drop, at the top of your profile for increased visibility.

Boost Your Music Career With TikTok Artist Accounts5

Behind the Songs

Give fans insight into your creative process. Stories help connect listeners on a deeper level and foster loyalty.

Boost Your Music Career With TikTok Artist Accounts1

How to Claim Your Free Artist Account

Signing up takes just a few taps via the TikTok mobile app. Don’t miss out on these powerful promotion and discovery tools. Open this link on your phone.