Photo Credit: Tidal

Tidal is launching ‘Artist Home’ a new hub for its products designed to help artists ‘focus on their art.’

Tidal says Artist Home will allow artists to manage how fans see their Tidal profile, as well as get access to the latest products and resources the service is building for artists. The platform is intended to give artists direct control over the content that fans see when they visit the artist’s profile on Tidal. Self-serve edit access to their content allows artists to quickly an easily change the featured content—an important consideration ahead of new releases and campaigns. 

Artists can also update their social media links to help Tidal listeners become followers elsewhere. And as artists grow on the platform, they can extend their Artist Home account to teams, including managers, labels, bandmates, publicists, and more. Artists can assign roles to team members and give them access to make changes to their profiles on their behalf. 

“We are building a platform to help economically empower emerging artists around the world,” says Agustina Sacerdote, Global Head of Product at Tidal. “Tidal Artist Home is the beginning of a platform that gives artists and their teams back more time, energy, and resources to focus on their art and make a sustainable living from it. This is the foundation for a future in which streaming is one of many ways we’re supporting artists.”

“Giving an artist like me a simple way to manage my presence on Tidal is important so I can represent myself the way I want to be seen as an artist,” says AKINYEMI. “It was really special to be part of the design process for Tidal Artist Home and see my ideas and feedback incorporated into the first iteration of it. I appreciate how Tidal makes artists part of the process and designs the platform with artists in mind.”

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