TikTok Officially Announces the ‘Artist Impact Program’

TikTok Officially Announces the 'Artist Impact Program'

TikTok Officially Announces the ‘Artist Impact Program’

Photo Credit: Solen Feyissa

TikTok has officially announced the ‘Artist Impact Program,’ effectively expanding the TikTok Commercial Music Library with more than a million songs and sounds from emerging and established artists.

TikTok reports that 88 percent of its user base says that sound is essential to the TikTok experience, while 68 percent remember a brand better when they feature songs they like in their videos. 

As a result, to help businesses of all sizes better utilize TikTok, the company has announced the Commercial Music Library (CML), a “pre-cleared” global music library to help make it easier than ever for brands to find music to add to their content on TikTok. 

The Commercial Music Library connects brands with more than one million songs and sounds from emerging and established artists “to help them easily and quickly become innovative storytellers and engage new audiences in new and surprising ways.”

To that end, TikTok’s Commercial Music Library has unveiled its Artist Impact Program, bringing even more music from global artists onto the platform and providing more significant opportunities for artists and brands to work together. The program enables artists to monetize their music on TikTok by allowing businesses to use it in their content, further their opportunities to be discovered and re-discovered in markets worldwide.

TikTok has signed several global distribution partnerships with distributors, publishers, labels, and organizations like Believe, DistroKid, and Vydia, allowing artists to tap into advertising budgets from brands that feature them in their TikTok campaigns.

The Commercial Music Library and its extensive network of distributors, labels, and publishing partnerships include 411 Music Group, Amadeus Code Inc., Amuse Inc., Believe, Blowout Inc., Create Music Group, Danal Entertainment Co, Ltd, DistroKid, Downtown Artist & Label Services, Epidemic Sound, Falcon Music, Fuse Adventures in Audio, Heavy Duty, JK Records, Kobalt, Mound Media Inc., Music & New Co., Ltd., PT Musica, Score a Score, Songtradr, Stem Disintermedia, SoundOn, Sub Pop, Thematic, Two AM Music Global, and Vydia — all helping to fuel the music ecosystem as it exists on TikTok, from artists to labels and brands.

“We are thrilled to partner with TikTok on its Commercial Music Library as we are convinced it will create new and exciting sync opportunities for all Believe artists and allow their music to reach new and existing audiences globally,” says Pete Beck, Global Head of Sync at Believe.

“Letting artists opt-in to TikTok’s Commercial Music Library further expands artists’ reach and connects artists with brands in a cutting-edge and powerful way,” adds Mike Fink, Head of Creator Services at DistroKid.

“As an early adopter of TikTok’s Commercial Music Library and Artist Impact Program, Vydia has seen great results for our independent artists and labels, including exposure to major brands, increased collaborations, and a new source of revenue,” states Brendan Lustenring, Director of Label & Artist Relations at Vydia.

“This success has spanned across multiple genres, including Pop, Alternative, R&B, Country, Latin, and Afrobeats, and continues to create expansive opportunities for our community. Through Vydia’s partnership with TikTok, we look forward to supporting this program as it continues to expand into new markets.”

“We are looking to help evolve the sync industry to take advantage of the speed and scale of digital advertising and short-form video. Our goal is to provide brands with a safe yet expansive library of music to use in their content while opening up new revenue streams for the artists that power it,” concludes Bryan Cosgrove, Director of Commercial Music & Creative Licensing at TikTok. “Our ambition is to make TikTok a place where everyone can find growth and opportunity, and we hope our robust music resources will help in this endeavor.”

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